Tormenta - Por favor me siento sola (English translation)

English translation

Please I'm lonely

Because I don't live without your love
without your caresses, without your voice
because it aches me to wake up
home alone if you're not here.
I'm always waiting if you'll come
imagining where are you
who will you pamper in your arms
who will sleep by your side.
Because I don't live without your love
I have so may memories today
in this room where yesterday
we mixed up skin to skin.
Me who can't live without your love
I want to caress your body
I want you back like yesterday
I'm tired of crying
Please I'm lonely
I just wanna know if you still yearn for me
because I only want a bit of happiness
I can't, I can't forget you.
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Por favor me siento sola

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