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Can someone provide lyrics for a song called Stigo Švaba do Zemuna by Dušan Jovanović and his tamburitza orch., also Ej jedva čekam da subota dodje by him as well. ( I had trouble providing links, so just look up on youtube.)

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Please don't ask for such in the forums but instead add a transcription request:

Here's the song on YT:

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What means the phrase: воjска права ?

For better translation of the:
С' тобом куда прође твоја војска права
Српски народ тамо мирно ће да спава
С' тобом куда прође твоја војска права
Српски народ тамо мирно ће да спава

„Пионири малени, ми смо војска права“

I'm asking you for explanations here in English or Serbian (or another of Slavic languages).

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војска права is "marshal law". When a country suffers from riots and chaotic situation goverment is qualified to declare "marshal law" which means that troops will be on the streets to calm riots e.t.c and people are not allowed to be out at night after sundown.So my guess is that he mocks the situation because the lyric tranlation is "We are where your marshal law will pass The serbian people will not sleep in peace" and the Пионири малени, ми смо војска права is" Little pioneers we are the marshal law"....

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I'd say that "vojska prava" in this context has nothing to do with the martial law, it's just what it is - "the real army", "the real military"... and the sentence "pioniri maleni, mi smo vojska prava" is a part of a well known song that was performed during the oath that every child had to utter once they start attending school, up to the nineties.

More about it:

This little song that contains the phrase "pioniri maleni" could be translated along the lines of:

We, the little pioneers, we're the real army
Every day we grow as the green grass
Death to fascism, freedom to the people,
One day my mother will call me the pioneer too.

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Пожалуйста помогите найти перевод песни Вуловича Због Тебе на русский

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